Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to create a timeline? Do vendors have to pay?

Only the organizer pays for the timeline. The timelines are $19.99 each and there is no cost to download and use the app.

If there is a change to the schedule on the event day, how can I notify those involved?

Timed App includes a “push notification” feature. If the organizer makes a change to a specific event action, any vendors tagged in that action will receive a push notification with the updated timing. You can also pre-set push notifications while building the timeline.

How will my clients and vendors access the timeline? Is there a limit to how many vendors I can include and give access to?

You can invite your clients and vendors to access the timeline via email or with an event code that is created for each timeline. There is no limit to the amount of vendors that can be given access to the timeline.

On the event day, is the timeline in real time?

Yes! On the event day, when vendors log into the app, they will see the timeline in real time. However, the full timeline is still viewable.

Can each vendor see their own version of the timeline?

Yes! If the organizer tags vendors in each event action that they are involved with, there is an option to view their personalized timeline. This will allow your vendors to view the timeline that pertains to them without having to look through all of the other details. Each vendor always has access to the full master timeline as well.

Can I create a timeline on the app? Or does it have to be made via the website?

All timelines must be created via the website, which is mobile friendly. Changes can be made through the app by the organizer if needed.

Do I have to create a new timeline for each event?

As an event organizer, you have the option to save past events as a template. For new events, you can pull from your history and saved templates so that you do not have to start from scratch.

Can I upload documents, contracts and diagrams?

Yes! The event organizer has the option to upload PDF documents to each event. You can select which items can be shared publicly for all vendors to view, and which to keep private for the organizer only.

Who can edit the master timeline?

Only the event organizer can edit the timeline. If you wish to give others the ability to edit, they will need to utilize your log in credentials.

Do you have to download the app to access the timeline?

The timeline can be accessed via the website and the app. The organizer also has the option to save and send the timeline as a PDF.

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